The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on virtually every facet of life throughout the world.  Among youth athletes, the cancellation of school and sports was accompanied by decreases in physical activity and significant mental health consequences. The reintroduction of sports has varied considerably, with the full return of sports in some regions and continued restriction in others. Given that youth sports faced serious problems prior to the pandemic including high costs, professionalization, decreased participation and barriers to access, we should consider more than just returning to ‘normal’. This unexpected pause provides an opportunity to not only guide the return to youth sport participation but invest in programs and organizations that increase physical activity and increase access to sports for all children.

Sports and Recreational Fitness Facilities

Ontario reopened Step 1 on June 11

  • Outdoor fitness classes, outdoor sports training (no games or practices) and outdoor personal training, with 10 patrons maximum
  • Closed for indoor use except for high-performance athletes and day camps

Ontario moved to Step 2 on June 30

  • Outdoor sports leagues open
  • Training for professional or amateur athletes and/or competitions
  • Closed for indoor use except for high-performance athletes and day or overnight camps

Ontario entered Step 3 on July 16

  • Indoor open, with restrictions
  • Outdoor open, with restrictions

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For more information regarding Step 3 of reopening, click here.