Player of the Week

Player of the Week

Savannah Hotte

Savannah Hotte is a 9 year old grade 4 student who attends James Hillier School. She does great in school and is always helping out her peers in any way she can, be it with spelling or sharing her school supplies or even helping to resolve conflicts. She loves to read and write stories in her spare time and was in the French & English choirs for her recent school winter concert.

Savannah has won a few character awards at school over the years during their monthly assemblies, this past November she won a “Cooperation” award from her French teacher and a “Compassion” award from her classroom teacher. She loves to attend swim lessons at the Gretzky Centre and playing football and soccer at school. She also loves to run with her school team every year in the Brantford Classic Run.

Savannah was on the James Hillier cross country team in 2023 and made it to CAGE as well. She has played house league soccer and rugby in the past over the summer months and works hard to improve her skills while also assisting her teammates and always has a smile on her face.

Congratulations Savannah

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