Player of the Week

Player of the Week

Saffron Cherewka

Saffron Cherewka is a dynamic 16-year-old student-athlete who has made remarkable strides in her basketball career. Her journey began in grade nine when she joined the North Park junior girls basketball team, discovering a deep passion for the sport. After an impressive first high school season, she further honed her skills playing for the FBA Blizzards, a rep basketball team in Calgary. Upon returning to Brantford for grade 10, Saffron elevated her game, showcasing a newfound strength and determination on the court.

Her commitment and talent led her to join the Brantford CYO Falcons under-16 girls basketball team which won bronze in Division 1 at the Ontario Basketball Association championships.

Now in grade 11, Saffron returned to North Park with enhanced skills and a fortified game, contributing significantly to her team’s success.

Currently, Saffron is not just a star on the court but also focused on a larger goal – securing a basketball scholarship. Her dedication and skill progression make her a standout player and an inspiring figure in the school’s sports community.

Congratulations Saffron, on your achievements and your clear vision for the future.

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