Player of the Week

Player of the Week

Paige Baetz

Paige Baetz is an 11-year-old grade 5 student who attends Ecole Confederation School. She is a dedicated student who is well on her way to becoming bilingual. Paige is very academic driven and is involved with different clubs, school teams and other activities in her school. She is a well respected member of her school community.

Paige excels in competitive dance at Studio 5678, she competes at a high level of ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and acrobatics. She often wins awards in her genre and wins overall awards within her age categories for solos and group routines; although she is the youngest and smallest member of her group, her teammates look up to her.

During the off-season of dance, Paige is still committed to being the best she can be by attending specialized intensive dance programs to enhance her skills. She has attended a week long intensive at the Ecole National du Cirque in Montreal for her acrobatics and various other training sessions locally to enhance her skill level. Paige hopes to one day work for Cirque du Soleil and outside of dance she also enjoys golfing with her dad and sisters.

Congratulations Paige.

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