Brantford Sports Council Questionnaire

1. Why did you choose to run in this election?
I’ve held professional positions of authority in strategic planning positions. I’ve coached professionally for many years. I’ve worked on farms, mines, and in finance. I know the area and I would do the job better. I don’t run and block critics. Your critics always tell you where you can improve. I’m the best choice for the job because I have a thick skin and have hands on experience in our local issues.

2. How would you describe yourself to the voters?
I am competitive. I like to be right so much that I apologize when I’m wrong. I might step on some toes but it’s not intentional. I’ve lived in the area for many years and worked in it’s popular industries open pit sand and gravel mining and agriculture. So I am very familiar with the lifestyle, it’s surroundings, and want to conserve and protect it.

3. What would you like the voters to know about you?
It’s my job to know my community, and if you demand an appointment it’ll be given. I will be accessible, and I will work on a Sunday. What can I say if your ox is in the ditch are you going to help it even on a Sunday? I will call a spade a spade, and I know we get more bees with honey.

4. What is your number one priority if you are elected?
Lot severance. It’s the best way to really boost the tax base with limited disruptions. These major infrastructure projects are really really expensive, congest traffic, and diminish our rural identity and feel. With wells and septic we have no investment costs, traffic stays light, and we’ve filled in but not crowded our countryside landscape.

5. If elected, what are 3 steps that you would take to ensure our community is on a firm financial footing?
Well again that’s why the severance play is so great. Aren’t you glad my first objective is boosting income?

Development charges have got to be consistently reviewed, we’re going to reduce permits for small stuff driveways, finishing your basement, paving your driveway, and focus on larger issues. Your insurance company will let you know if you did it wrong. So use a professional.

Getting the Oak Park business area up and running as soon as possible and work on filling it. It’s got tremendous industrial potential. And whenever we bring in a major employer we’re better off. The kinds of income they generate say 50 people at $70,000 that’s $3.5 Million a year and $35 Million in 10 years.

6. If someone came up to you with a proposal to build a new public infrastructure in our city (i.e. bridge, road, facility, park etc.), how would you evaluate whether the project was worth implementing?
Before we build anything new, is there a way to get a little more value and efficiency out of our existing assets? Whenever we do something new we’ve got another expense. However things break, and things grow and as long as if we build something new we build it for the projected capacity of 20 years out we’re in good shape.
An appalling lack of foresight has happened in many new schools where the capacity was under estimated.. A 5 year old school with 7 portables? I know that’s not a County of Brant issue but Government generally doesn’t have a favorable reputation and we’ve got to do a better job than that. And with me at the helm we can.

7. If you received a $1 million grant to use for the city any way you wanted, what would you do with the funds?
I’d pay down our debt. I know it’s not the pretty answer but we’re paying over a million dollars a year in interest. We’re not on track to have a 0% or a rebate and until that time we’ve got to be lean and mean.

8. Where are your favourite places to spend time in your neighbourhood and in the community?
Apps’ Mill is very special to me as I’ve lived there for nearly 40 years. Watched the erosion, and water levels change, it’s very tranquil, and peaceful and I think many people find their happy places in our really great rural area. But I’ve got to say too anywhere there’s good people and community events happening is my favourite place. As Mayor it’s my job to be part of the community and I would expect the entire community would become my favourite place to be.

9. The Pandemic has been with us for the past three years and no one has been left untouched, what are the 3 key things you would do to overcome the impact of the Pandemic as we move forward in 2023 and 2024?
I think getting people out and active again in our community for athletics and various events is really important. Attendance is down across the board and we’ve got to fix that. Focusing on getting more people out at our events will bring us tremendous and lasting benefits. I’d like to see if we can keep our great coaches by offering a property tax credit. Great coaches make great leagues, so let’s see if we can keep that ball rolling.

The Pandemic also changed the way many workplaces operate. I wonder what the percentage is of people who work from home in Brant. I think it’d be great to make our rural area the destination for people who want that lifestyle. We’re close enough to downtown Toronto to be a great candidate in that niche.

Beyond that as we see shopping patterns changing dramatically with online purchases we’re really in for some very drastic changes. I think flexibility and adaptability will be the key traits to success. As we don’t know what happens when say 50% of business is done and delivered without a store front. So that’s a wait and see situation.