Brantford Sports Council Questionnaire

1. Why did you choose to run in this election?
I seen a need for someone who would listen to residents and find best solution for the issues facing our community

2. How would you describe yourself to the voters?
I was born and raised in Brantford . I’ve owned businesses in Brantford for past 20 plus years
For the last 4 years I have served as co-chair and volunteer with the east ward echo place neighborhood association and neighbouthood alliance of Brantford
Also proud father of 3

3. What would you like the voters to know about you?
I will listen to all your concerns and fight for residents of ward 4

4. What is your number one priority if you are elected?
to bring transparent communication to council and to lower crime rates

5. If elected, what are 3 steps that you would take to ensure our community is on a firm financial footing?
Stop reckless spending
public consultation before selling assets then spending a lot of money fighting its own residents
and research were we can possibly cut the budget a bit

6. If someone came up to you with a proposal to build a new public infrastructure in our city (i.e. bridge, road, facility, park etc.), how would you evaluate whether the project was worth implementing?
public consultation and research if needed or interfere with what we have

7. If you received a $1 million grant to use for the city any way you wanted, what would you do with the funds?
Again Im all about the resident and see what they would like to see done example more thing geared in parks geared for elderly ive heard from some residents

8. Where are your favourite places to spend time in your neighbourhood and in the community?
Because of the neighbourhood association and my kids we like to spent time in the parks and me and my family also enjoy to volunteer for BL’s free food give away

9. The Pandemic has been with us for the past three years and no one has been left untouched, what are the 3 key things you would do to overcome the impact of the Pandemic as we move forward in 2023 and 2024?
‘Overcoming the crisis and getting back on track will require leadership, foresight, innovation, finance and collaboration among all governments