The Brantford Sports Council is pleased to partner with Domino’s to create the Player of the Week program. This program allows you, the community to nominate athletes who inspire us with their dedication and love for the game.

Every Wednesday an athlete will be profiled on the Brantford Sports Council website and featured on our social media.

Do you know a local athlete who deserves recognition for their exceptional skills, dedication or sportsmanship? Be part of the “Voice for Sport” and nominate an athlete for the Domino’s Player of the Week program.

As a proud sponsor, Domino’s will treat the chosen Player of the Week to a delicious meal as a token of our appreciation. But the reward goes beyond pizza – it’s about shining a spotlight on the remarkable talents within our community and promoting a culture of support and encouragement for local athletes.

Join the Domino’s Player of the Week program and let’s celebrate the athletes who make our community proud. Nominate a player today and help us showcase the exceptional talent that resides right here in Brantford. Together, let’s recognize their hard work, dedication, and achievements. Because at Domino’s, we believe in celebrating excellence and supporting our local athletes.

Visit our website, or reach out to the Brantford Sports Council to
Submit your nomination today!