Player of the Week

Player of the Week

Colton Goldsworthy

Colton Goldsworthy, a nine-year-old student-athlete, is in grade 4 at Mount Pleasant Public School. He is a good student and his favorite classes are science and gym.

He is somewhat new to the sports world, because of COVID-19, he unfortunately missed out on those crucial beginner years but he didn’t let that stop him.

In the fall of 2021 Colton signed up for house league hockey with the Brantford 99ers; he had difficulty skating so he took a quick 4 week canskate session.

He got the opportunity to go in net early in the season but decided it wasn’t for him. He played the rest of the season as a player but started to show an interest in going back in net and giving it another shot.

He got that chance during playoff weekend and that was the start of his goalie passion. He worked nonstop that summer to get better and tried out for the U9 MD team, unfortunately, he did not make that team but did make the U9 Select team. Through his determination and hard work he landed a goalie spot on 2 rep teams.

He hasn’t had the opportunity to win many awards yet but has received numerous Player of the Game awards.

In January 2023 the U9 Select team participated in the Etobicoke Bulldogs Tournament where Colton received the MVP of the tournament for his division. This same U9 select team made it to the Alliance Championship game in 2023, the team took home the silver medal.

Colton also played 1 year of rep soccer with Brantford City Soccer but did not pursue it due to his passion for being a hockey goalie.

When Colton is not at the rink he can be found at home, shooting pucks in the driveway, riding his quad or putting his imagination to the test and building some type of invention in the shop.

Congratulations Colton

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