Domino’s Player of the Week

Mason Steedman

Mason Steedman is a fifteen-year-old student-athlete in grade 10 at Paris District High School and was an honour student in grade 9. He has been swimming competitively for 5 years with the Brantford Aquatic Club. [...]

Saffron Cherewka

Saffron Cherewka is a dynamic 16-year-old student-athlete who has made remarkable strides in her basketball career. Her journey began in grade nine when she joined the North Park junior girls basketball team, discovering a deep [...]

Colton Goldsworthy

Colton Goldsworthy, a nine-year-old student-athlete, is in grade 4 at Mount Pleasant Public School. He is a good student and his favorite classes are science and gym. He is somewhat new to the sports world, [...]

Aiden Wassing

Aiden Wassing started playing ball hockey at the age of 9, as a defenseman with Bhi Brantford. The following two years he played goalie and at the age of 10, he won the Most Improved [...]

Addison Paquette

Addison Paquette is a 12-year-old member of the Brantford Track and Field Club. She excelled in her U13 women’s indoor provincial championship, placing 4th in the 800m with a time of 2:39.32. Outdoors, she trained [...]

Blake Baxter

Blake Baxter is a 12 year old well rounded athlete and kid, with accomplishments in multiple sports. He is currently the Captain of the U13 AAA Brantford 99ers. Up until this hockey season, he played [...]

Owen Paquette

Owen Paquette, is a dedicated boxer competing for almost 10 years. At 18 years old, his journey in boxing has been marked by numerous accomplishments that fuel his determination to achieve even more. A proud [...]

Brynn Baxter

Brynn Baxter is a strong 14 year old student athlete. She trained for five years as a Provincial level gymnast, competing in two Provincial championships as well as one competition in Florida in February 2023, [...]


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