Player of the Week

Player of the Week

Bryson Butts

Bryson Butts is a grade 6 student from Russell Reid School who is good at math and loves to solve problems. He tries out for different sports at school, but his favourite is to play soccer at lunchtime with all of his friends.

Bryson played soccer with the Brantford City Soccer Club, as well as ball hockey with the 99ers.
When Bryson is playing any kind of hockey he loves being in net, he is a natural goalie. He is focused and determined to save the puck and enjoys being part of a team and learning new skills each week at practice.

This is his first year playing goalie for the 99ers house league and is really enjoying it. Bryson often feels the weight of the game on his shoulders, it’s a tough position to play and it takes a lot of courage for an 11 year old to step into in their first year of playing.

Bryson and his brother Brady are always playing hockey in the basement, in the driveway or on the local outdoor rink.

He loves playing hockey in the summer months with all the neighbourhood kids and makes sure everyone feels involved and welcome. He is also looking forward to ball hockey in the spring.

Congratulations Bryson

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